First Visit

Smiling infant ready for the dentistPreparing For the First Visit

The most important thing is not to over-prepare your child. Casually mention a few days ahead that we are going to visit the dentist. If your child has any questions, answer them briefly and enthusiastically. Be positive in your approach and tell your child that the dentist will count their teeth.

The Initial Appointment

At the first visit, your child is introduced to our office. A full mouth clinical examination will be performed which includes an evaluation of the teeth, soft tissue, and supporting structures. A preliminary orthodontic examination will also take place. X-rays will only be taken if it is deemed necessary to supplement the examination or to evaluate the developing teeth and jaws.

We introduce children to pediatric dentistry with terms they can relate to according to his or her age. For younger children, we use terms like count the teeth for the examination and taking pictures for taking x-rays. We find this approach serves as a good orientation and introduction to pediatric dental care.

Parents are always welcome to accompany the child into the treatment area. The parent’s presence is often comforting and reassuring in a new situation.

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